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Celtic Wedding Unity Candles

Image of Celtic Unity CandleThese beautiful Irish Celtic Wedding Unity Candles are imported directly from Ireland.  Each set is beautifully made and detailed and is the perfect centerpiece for your ceremony. All are unscented.

Irish Unity Candle Ceremony
Most often, the Irish unity candle is used to symbolize the coming together of two individuals.  It can also be interpreted to show two families joining together. 

Normally, an individual (or more) from each family light one of the taper candles.  When the bride and groom use the taper candles to jointly light the unity candle, they bring both families together in their love for each other.  In some ceremonies, the two taper candles are left to burn showing the family’s love for their own, while in other ceremonies, the tapers are extinguished symbolizing the joining of two lives. 

Since it is your wedding, there really is no “wrong” or “right” way to conduct the lighting of Irish Unity candles.  It really depends on what symbolism you wish to focus on during your Irish wedding! 


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