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Celtic Wedding Rings

The traditional designs on these beautiful Celtic wedding rings are from ancient times and will be a lasting symbol of your commitment and love as well as of your Irish heritage.

Irish Wedding Rings from IrelandFor your Celtic wedding ring, you can choose from designs featuring traditional Irish symbols such as the Claddagh symbol, Trinity knot, Celtic warrior symbols, Celtic crosses, and timeless Celtic knots. 

All of our Celtic wedding rings are handmade in Ireland and hallmarked at Dublin Castle.

You’ll find the perfect Celtic wedding band for both the bride and groom here.  Our Irish and Celtic wedding rings are available in Sterling Silver, 10K white and yellow gold, and 14K yellow and white gold.  Pricing for 18K gold and platinum is available upon request.  You will also find rings in two-tone gold, as well as ones encrusted with conflict-free diamonds and other precious stones. 

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Claddagh Wedding Rings

Claddagh Wedding Rings

With the heart, hands, and crown symbolizing love, friendship, and loyalty, a Claddagh wedding ring invokes beautiful sentiments.
Celtic Knot Wedding Rings

Celtic Knot Wedding Rings

Celtic knot wedding rings feature interlacing Celtic knots celebrating a love between two people that is without beginning or end.

Celtic Warrior Wedding Rings

Celtic Warrior Wedding Rings

The Celtic Warrior jewelry series was recently chosen by the Irish government as the official gift of jewelry for foreign dignitaries.  Very traditional and timeless.
Celtic Continuity Wedding Rings

Celtic Continuity Wedding Rings

These continuity wedding rings focus on a single never-ending Celtic knot around the band as a symbol of eternal love.

Celtic Cross Wedding Rings

Celtic Cross Wedding Rings

As one of Ireland's best known Celtic symbols, a Celtic cross wedding ring is a beautiful way to display your love and heritage.
Celtic Knot Filigree Wedding Rings

Celtic Knot Filigree Wedding Rings

These stunning Celtic wedding rings feature delicate pierced Celtic knot and Trinity knot designs that are truly eye-catching.

"Le Cheile" Celtic Wedding Rings

Gorgeous Celtic wedding rings are named after the Gaelic word for 'Together" featuring two entwined swan necks symbolizing eternal love.
Celtic Spiral Wedding Rings

Celtic Spiral Wedding Rings

Inspired by the spirals at Newgrange, these Celtic wedding rings feature a spiral design with no beginning or end, like true love.

Faith Collection Wedding Rings

Faith Collection Wedding Rings

Inscribed with the Ogham script for the word 'Faith'.  Legendary style, beautiful craftsmanship.

Choosing your Celtic wedding ring

With so many beautiful and stunning Celtic wedding ring designs, it can sometimes be daunting to choose a favorite style.  All of our wedding rings are inspired by various facets of Irish art, mythology, or history (and sometimes a combination of two or more!)

One of the all-time favorite amongst the Celtic wedding ring styles is the Celtic knot.  The interlacing knot patterns were found as early as the third century.  Without beginning or end, the Celtic knot symbolizes the timeless nature of our spirits, and of a couple’s unending love for each other.

Claddagh wedding rings are also extremely popular.  This old Irish symbol has existed for centuries, ever since the first ring was made in Ireland by Richard Joyce.  It directly relates to the characteristics that we all want in a marriage.  The hands represent friendship, the hart is for love, and the crown stands for loyalty.

Yet another very popular choice are the Celtic warrior wedding rings.  These wedding rings were inspired by the Ardagh Chalice which was found in a field by two boys in 1868.  The chalice now resides at the National Museum of Ireland and regarded as one of the finest pieces of 8th century metalwork in the world.

Whatever style you choose, the quality and craftsmanship of Celtic wedding rings made in Ireland is second to none.  These fine rings will bring you joy all of your life, and are true heirlooms for future generations.

Rings are available in sterling silver, 10K white and yellow gold, and 14K white and yellow gold.  18K and platinum pricing are also available by request.  All of our Celtic wedding rings are submitted to the Assay Office at Dublin Castle for hallmarking, which is your assurance of authenticity and quality.

It is important to note that all of our rings are handmade specifically to order.  Sterling silver rings are generally shipped within two weeks, while gold rings usually take about a week longer.  Once received in the USA, your ring(s) are immediately inspected and shipped to you.  No additional taxes, duties or other fees are payable.  This is one of the many benefits of dealing with a US based merchant.  If your timeline is extremely tight, then please let us know as soon as possible.  In some cases, we may very well be able to expedite your ring(s).

Few things are as satisfying as genuine Irish made Celtic wedding rings.  Our selection of these wedding rings is vast and unique.  Our sole goal is your satisfaction.  With our huge selection of Celtic wedding rings, you are sure to find the perfect ring.  Few things are as satisfying as knowing that your unique wedding ring was handmade in Ireland especially for you, hallmarked for authenticity and quality, then delivered to your doorstep in pristine condition.
So proudly show your Irish heritage to family and friends with a gorgeous Celtic wedding ring.  It is a decision that you’ll never regret!  If there is anything at all that we can do to assist you with your choice, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Celtic Wedding Ring Symbols & Meanings

Celtic Knots
Celtic knot spirals have been found on every continent, usually depicting the Sun. The Celts coming to Ireland would find spirals at Newgrange, carved onto stone by Irish farmers, depicting the four journeys of the Sun around the Earth. As they saw it, one stone having a triskele of spirals, thought to be a fertility symbol, or a symbol of rebirth as each journey of the Sun would take three months.

The lover's knot is attributed to sailors and seafarers who would weave the knot with two pieces of rope to give to sweethearts as mementos. This same knot was likely to adorn a Celtic shield, the points of the square, a plea to the Gods of the four corners of the Earth for protection, also known as 'St. Hans Cross' or 'The Earth Square'.

Celtic Cross
Throughout Ireland and Scotland, the Celts crafted these magnificent symbols in stone. Celtic crosses predate Christianity and were first used by pagans to worship the Sun. In pagan times, the circle of the Celtic cross represented the Sun, being the center of their lives. It was not until the 4th century AD when it was introduced by the Roman Emperor Constantine, that the Celtic cross was used to represent Christ's victory. During the great conversion of many pagans to Christianity, Christian philosophers adapted the Celtic cross and taught the meaning of the circle to represent Christ, the center of Christianity.

Legend has it that the Claddagh symbol was originated by Richard Joyce, a Galway seafarer kidnapped by pirates and sold into slavery in North Africa where he learned the art of a goldsmith. When he was released, nothing could keep him from his beloved Galway where he returned to become a master goldsmith and where he created the Claddagh ring. For centuries, this was used as a wedding ring by the fisher folk of Claddagh village, which nestled outside the walls of Galway city in the west of Ireland. Claddagh rings are worn as friendship, engagement, or wedding rings depending on how they are worn.

Friendship: by placing the ring anywhere on your right hand.
Engagement: by placing the ring on the third finger of your left hand with the heart pointing outwards.
Wedding: by placing the ring on the third finger of your left hand with the heart pointing inwards towards your heart.

The Trinity Knot
Triqueta - predates Christianity and is the Celtic symbol of Odin, Goddess of the North. Triplicities, Trickle (triple spiral), were common symbols in Celtic myth and legends. Because of this, the Triqueta makes an ideal Christian symbol. It is also considered to represent the 'three in one' in Christian trinity beliefs, usually relating to the triplicities of mind, body and soul or alternatively; earth, sea and sky.

Ogham script is an early form of old Irish, the first known Irish writing. The characters compromise a series of lines and notches that are scored across a long stem-line often on standing stones. In the majority of cases, the inscription os read from the bottom up and usually names the person being commemorated along with their ancestors and the carver of the inscription. Over 350 Ogham stones are known, with the majority found in Southern Ireland from Kerry to Waterford and in South Leinster. They also occur in small numbers in Western Scotland, the Isle of Man and in Cornwall at Lewannick, where Irish settlers from Munster landed and founded communities.

While the stones in Ireland are written purely in Ogham, those in Britain often have the Ogham repeated in Latin and carved in Roman characters on the same stone. In legend, Ogham was said to have been created by Ogma, the son of An Dagda. Ogma was both a warrior and the God of Eloquence and Literature. He fought the second battle of Magh Tuireadh where he slew the Formorian Indech, son of the Goddess Domnu.

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