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Irish Baby Girl Names J - P

Irish Baby Girl Names J - P





Irish Name Pronounced Meaning English & Other Variants
Kaitlin, Kaitlyn, Kaytlin kayt-lin Means "pure" in Irish. See Irish name Caitlin. N/A
Keela kee-la Keela originates from the Gaelic name "Caoilinn" and means "slender" or "adorable." See Irish baby name "Caoilinn." Kylene, Kylee, Kyla
Kelly ke-lee Means "warrior" in Irish. This name originates in the Gaelic surname "O'Ceallaigh," which means "offspring of Ceallach." Ceallach was one of High Kings of Ireland during the 7th century. Kellyn, Kelle, Kellye
Kerry ke-ree In Irish, Kerry translates into "dark haired." County Kerry is located in the southwest of Ireland with many famous tourist attraction, including the Lakes of Killarney - a spot renowned for its natural beauty. N/A
Kyna ki-na Kyna originates from an old Irish term meaning "perceptive" and "judicious." Kyne, Cyna, Cyne
Laoise lee-sha Comes from the Irish word "luigsech" meaning "radiant girl." The word also refers to the Irish mythological god, Lugh. Lugh was also a High King of Ireland during ancient times. Louise
Lasairiona, Lasairfhiona la-sar-ee-na Thought to mean "flame" or "wine" in old Irish. In Irish mythology Crobh Dearg (red claws) is a Celtic goddess of the harvest. Crobh Dearg was also referred to as Lasairiona. She became a Christian saint and there is a well named after her in Lough Meelagh, Ireland. She was said to have long flowing black hair and wore only silver jewelry. As is often the case, we see the line between Irish history and mythology blur. Her feast day is celebrated on May 1st. Lasarina
Liadan, Liadain, Liadain lee-a-dan Means "grey lady" in Irish. Irish legend tells the tale of Liadan who was the mother of St. Ciaran of Seir. Liadan became pregnant with Ciaran after a shooting star fell into her mouth while she was sleeping and she consumed it. The star became St. Ciaran who was one of the twelve apostles of Ireland. N/A
Liamhain, Liobhan lee-uh-vin Means "comely" and/or "beautiful" in irish. Saint Patrick's sister was named Liamhain. N/A
Life lif-ay Comes from the Irish word "Liphe" meaning "life." Is also the name of the main river that flows through the heart of Dublin. Liffey
Luisech, Luiseach lwee-shak Similar to Laoise, this name also refers to the Celtic god, Lugh. Means "radiant girl" in irish. The feast day of the Irish Saint Luiseach is celebrated on June 13th. Lucy
Maebh, Maeve, Medbh, Medb may-ev Means either "joy" or "she who intoxicates" in irish. According to Irish Mythology, Maeve was the Queen of Connaght in the west of Ireland. She married Conchabar of Ulster but the marriage does not last, and Conchabar then marrries Maeve's sister. Maeve kills her own sister, and the provinces of Connaght and Ulster go to war with each other. Maeve had many husbands who had to meet three criteria - brave, good tempered, and secure. The last was very important as Maeve had many lovers. Before the introduction of the Euro Currency, Maeve was depicted on the old Irish pound note. N/A
Maire, Moire moy-re Maire is the Irish version of the name "Mary." It is a very celebrated and popular name in Ireland, due to the strong traditional Irish attachment to the Virgin Mary. Mary, Maura
Mairead, Muiread maw-raid Means "pearl" in Irish. Has remained a poular irish abay name in Ireland due to the appreciation for Saint Margaret, Queen of Scotland, who would personally feed orphans and the poor every day before she ate her own food. Margaret
Maolisa mail-issa Means "admirer of Jesus Christ" in Irish. The origins of this name are found in the Irish words "maol" and "iosa." Melissa
Marga mar-ga Marga is thought to be the Irish version of the name "Margaret." Closely related to the Irish baby name Mairead. Margaret
Mealla my-la Means "lightening" in old Irish. N/A
Meara mee-ra Means "mirth" in Irish, which is defined as cheerful, animated, or merry. Meera, Mara, Mera, Meira
Moinnine muh-nin-eh According to Irish legend, when Lasairiona (see also) was a child, "my ninne" were the first words that she uttered. Those words formed the basis for the name Moinnine. Blinne, Monina
Moirne mor-nah Thought to mean "great" in old Irish. Maria, Maud
Moncha mun-cha In Irish, this name means "advisor." Comes from the name of Celtic goddess. Monica
Muadhnait, Muadnat moo-nit Meaning "highborn" or "honorable" in Irish. The origins of this name are from an old Irish word translating into "moon." An Irish Saint bore this name, and hear feast day is celebrated on January 6th. Mona, Monat, Monica
Muireann, Muirenn, Mairenn, Moirin, Muirin mwi-ren Means "fair as the sea" in Irish. Muireann is a popular name in Irish mythology. She was a mermaid captured by a fisherman in the 6th century, and became a woman after she was baptized. Another mythological character was Muireann, Queen of Connaght, and it was also the name of several Abbesses in Irish history. Maureen, Miren, Marion
Muirgheal mur-gayl Means "brilliant sea" in Irish. Comes from the Irish word "muir" meaning "sea," and "geal" meaning "brilliant." Muriel
Muirne mwir-neh Means "animated and joyful" in Irish. In Irish mythology Muirne is the mother of Fionn mac Cumhail, a legendary hunter-warrior. Muirne was widely sought after as a bride, but her father, druid Tadg mac Nuadat, had foreseen disaster. His visions showed that his daughter's marriage would result in the loss of all that he and his family owned. As a result, he turned all potential grooms down. Muirne was kidnapped by Cumhal who was then outlawed and killed in the battle of Cnucha. Muirne was pregnant at the time so her father rejected her telling his followers to burn her. The Irish high king, Conn of a Hundred Battles saved her life and the son, Fionn was secretly raised by a female druid warrior named Liath Luachra in the forest. Myrna, Morna
Naomh nev Means "saint" and/or "holy" in Irish. N/A
Narbhflaith, Narbflaith nar-vila Means "noble princess" in Irish. This name was used by a number of Irish princesses throughout history. Was also the name of the wife of one of the Abbots of Trim, County Meath. Narvla
Neacht nyacht Thought to mean "pure" in Irish. Was the surname of the 96th monarch of Ireland, King Neacht who died in 109 BC. N/A
Neala, Neila nee-la Neala is the feminine version of the Irish name "Niall," which means "champion" or "conqueror." May also mean "to have chieftains" - in other words, become the wife of a chieftain. Neale, Nealla, Neila
Neamhain nyav-in In Irish, this name translates into "battle-fury." It was the name of a Celtic war goddess, who was also wife of Neit, the God of Battle. In Irish mythology, Nemhain confuses several friendly armies causing them to slaughter each other. Nemon
Nessa, Neasa nes-sa This is a very old Irish name. According to legend, Nessa was actually born with the name Assa, meaning "gentle." However, after her 12 brothers are killed, she dedicates her life to vengeance becoming a noted warrior. She changes her name to Ni-assa (shortened to Nessa) which means "ungentle". Nessa was the mother of Conchabhar, King of Ulster. Ness
Niamh nee-uv Means "brightness" or "radiance" in Irish. According to legend, Niamh visits Ireland, crossing the sea on a magical horse, Embarr. She falls in love with Oisin, son of Fionn mac Cumhaill and brings Oisin back to Tir na nOg (land of youth). After what he believes is three years, Oisin begins to miss Ireland and his family. Niamh loans him Embarr warning Oisin not to dismount the horse. Oisin returns to Ireland only to find that 300 years have passed instead of three and his family is gone, to be remembered only in Irish folklore. A group of men ask Oisin to assist them in moving a large rock and Oisin gets off Embarr to help them. As soon as he touches the ground he instantly becomes a very old man. He is said to have told his tale to St. Patrick who wrote his story and took care of him until he died. Neave, Nieve, Niav
Noleen no-leen Variant of Irish baby name Finnoula. N/A
Nora, Norah nor-ah The name Nora means "honor" in Irish. The wife of the legendary Irish author, James Joyce, had this name. N/A
Noreen nor-een Noreen means "little honorable one" in Irish. N/A
Nuala noo-la Shortened version of Irish baby name Finnoula. Nola
Odharnait, Odarnait, Ornait, Ornat or-nit Means "small" or "pale one" in Irish. St. Ordharnait was Irish, and her feast day is celebrated on November 13th. Orna
Oonagh, Oona, Una ooh-na Meaning "one" or "unity" in Gaelic. In Irish folklore, Oonagh was a fairy queen who was more beautiful than any mortal woman. She was described as having long, radiant blond hair that went all the way to the ground. Juno, Agnes
Orlaith, Orlagh, Orla, Orfhlaith or-la In Irish, means "golden lady" or "princess." Has proven a popular name throughout Irish history, and is still amongst the top 100 Irish baby girl names in Ireland today. Ireland's most famous King, Brian Boru, had a sister and daughter by this name, His grand niece was also named Orla and was killed by her husband in 1090. N/A
Osnait, Ossnat us-nit Means "deer" in Irish. St. Ossnat is also an Irish saint whose feast day is celebrated on November 10th. N/A
Padraigin pah-dri-geen Meaning "noble woman" in Irish. This name is the feminine version of "Padraig" (Patrick). Patricia

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