Belleek Vases

Belleek 4 3/4
Belleek 4 3/4" Nadine Spill Vase

Grace your home with this wonderful Belleek Nadine Spill Vase. Sculpted with beautiful patterns, and adorned ...

Belleek Daisy 6
Belleek Daisy 6" Spill Vase

This gorgeous Belleek vase features a sculpted field of daisies in which the handpainted shamrocks grow. ...

Belleek Daisy 10.6
Belleek Daisy 10.6" Vase

This dreamy Belleek porcelain vase features a sculpted field of daisies in which the handpainted shamrocks ...

Belleek Daisy Toy 4.5
Belleek Daisy Toy 4.5" Spill Vase

Beautiful toy vase made of fine Irish china. The sculpted daisies on the vase form the ...

Belleek Nadine 7
Belleek Nadine 7" Vase

Shamrocks swaying in a gentle breeze are the focal point of the beautiful Nadine vase from ...

Belleek Castle 7.7
Belleek Castle 7.7" Vase

The turret-shape of this vase features intricate castle design, including drawbridge doors. These type of turrets ...

Belleek Colleen 10
Belleek Colleen 10" Vase

This beautiful Belleek vase is as pretty as its namesake. The word "Colleen" is an Irish ...

Belleek Kells 5
Belleek Kells 5" Vase

Kells, a place of rustic beauty in Ireland, has long been recognized for the richness of ...

Belleek Kells 7
Belleek Kells 7" Vase

This beautiful vase is a larger version of the Kells 5" vase. Features a longer strand ...

Belleek Kylemore 7
Belleek Kylemore 7" Vase

This timeless Belleek Kylemore vase is wonderfully accented by a pedestal base. Featuring a basketweave design ...

Belleek Tara 10
Belleek Tara 10" Vase

Perfect to hold your most precious flowers, but with more than enough beauty to stand alone. ...

Belleek Square 4
Belleek Square 4" Toy Vase

This superbly crafted little wonder is a fine addition to your toy-vase collection, with its darling ...


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