How To Wear A Claddagh Ring

If you have wondered how to wear a claddagh ring, you have come to the right place.

10 Easy Ways To Have An Irish Wedding

A look at some easy, yet whimsical, ways to make your Irish wedding day special.

Ardagh Chalice

The history and importance of the Ardagh Chalice and its influence on modern Irish and Celtic jewelry.

Celtic Crosses

The history and meaning of the Irish Celtic Cross.  Includes some of the more famous Celtic Crosses in Ireland.

Celtic Wedding Bands

The designs and inspiration behind Celtic wedding bands.

Choosing a Celtic Wedding Ring

Practical advice on choosing the perfect Celtic wedding ring for your special day!

How To Choose Your Celtic Wedding Ring

Learn about the different styles of Celtic Wedding Rings available, as well as what they're made of.

Irish Hallmarks

The various hallmarks used on Irish and Celtic Jewelry.

Irish Wedding Blessings & Toasts

A wonderful selection of Irish Blessings for your Wedding Day.

Saint Patrick's Day Irish Gifts

A brief history of Saint Patrick and Saint Patrick's Day.

The History of Guinness

A brief history of the brewery that has become Ireland's favorite beer known the world over.

The History of Jameson Whiskey

Love the taste of Jameson?  Here's a little background on one of Ireland's best known distilleries.

The History Of The Claddagh Ring

A bried history of the most well known piece of jewelry to have emerged from Ireland - the Claddagh ring.

The Meaning Of The History Of Ireland Symbols

The meaning of the various symbols used in the History or Ireland jewelry collection.

The Meaning Of The Irish Claddagh Ring

Read about the meaning of the Irish Claddagh ring
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